The Fiji Cultural & Social Club              

                                                                                            London -  Since 1976

         Office Bearers of the Fiji Cultural & Social Club

Serving the Fijian community in London 

 since 1976

The Chairman: John Nainoca

Hon Secretary: Binod Charitra

16 Downhurst Avenue,  

Mill Hill, 

London, NW7 3QA

Hon Treasurer: Robert Parmanand

The Committee Members

Mrs Utara Singh

Paul Baldeo

Mrs Marjorie Dunne

Mrs Kalpana Pardivalla

Mrs Kavita Khushal

Mrs Doreen Nainoca

Ajay Chauhan

Abdul Rashid

Derek Derenalagi

Miss Laurel Dunne

Mrs Jaya Khatri


The Secretary

email: [email protected]

Telephone: 020 8959 1375

Mobile: 0790 1717 560

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