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This the official website of the Fiji Cultural & Social Club, London, (also known as the Fiji Club, London, since it was formed in 1976)). 

It is the premier organisation of Fijians living and working in the United Kingdom

We expect to publish in the near future, our News & Events of the Club through this site. Our normal paper based issues will continue as usual. For the latest news of what is happening in our community and in Fiji, do visit this site. Your feedback will help us improve it and make it more useful for everyone. 

Please visit our Privacy Notice section and accept the Club's Policy on how it deals with your personal details. We follow the directives of the Information Commissioners Office and contact us for explanation or information.

Our Aim 

We aim to keep our members informed about what is happening to, and within our community in London in particular, and about the fast moving events back at home. One of our main objectives is to raise funds for various charities registered in the UK and in Fiji.

We have for instance, contributed to the -

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, The Diabetic Society, The Lord Treloars Trust, St Luke's Hospice, etc, in the UK,

The following organisations in Fiji have received funds from the Club -

The Childrens Department of the CWM Hospital, Suva, The Old People's Home, Lautoka, The Tamavua Rehabilation Unit, at Tamavua, The Red Cross, The Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Funds, The Children of Fiji Trust,  etc. etc.

The Begining: The Fiji Club

The Fiji Club was  set up in 1976 by UK-based Fijian residents and students at a meeting held at the Fiji High Commission in London. It is the only fully functional and continuous association representing the people of Fiji in the UK. The Club gathered to meet up old mates and to make new friends and to socialise and reminisce about the old country. 

 The Club's name was changed to "The Fiji Cultural & Social Club" in 2003 to reflect its non political stance and to emphasise the direction upon which it is now embarked, that is to say, to show and to bring to the wider public the rich cultural heritage of the iTaukei peoples and other races inhabiting the Fijian islands; and also to focus on its continuing efforts to contribute funds to charitable institutions in the United Kingdom and in Fiji.


We operate a membership system which is renewable on the First of JANUARY each year. The Subscription Rate is as follows: 

FAMILY MEMBERS pay £7.00 per annum and includes children up to 18 years of age. 3-year membership will cost £20

 SINGLE PERSONS pay £5.00 per annum. These can be paid in cash or cheque for which receipts are given, or you may set up a Standing Order with your bank for automatic renewal. 3-year membership will cost £14.

 A simple application form is required and this is available elsewhere on this site. Please download it and send it with your cheque to the -

 Membership Secretary, Mrs Marjorie Dunne, 32 Conway Crescent, Perivale, UB6 8HY, or call 0787 6272 869. 


PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM ON OUR PRIVACY PAGE. and we will send our NEWSLETTERS and other information about the Club.

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If you wish to contact the Club, please write to:

The Hon. Secretary,

Binod Charitra

Fiji Cultural & Social Club

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