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A Word from the Chair ..... Mrs Marjorie Dunne

Hello everyone! 

I thought I should introduce myself to you as your New Chair Person especially those of you who have not met me at previous functions. My name is Marjorie Dunne and yes, I am a woman! For the first time in the history of the Fiji Cultural & Social Club (FCSC) a female takes on this role. 

This demonstrates the FCSC is moving with the times and recognises the importance and dedication that all its members including woman play in making this club successful.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank those that nominated me especially as they appear to have the abundance of confidence in me!! The exiting Chair, John Nainoca reminded me it is the Year of the Woman, so it seems fitting that I take up the gauntlet and fill the big shoes he has left behind. Fortunately, John remains on the Committee taking up the role of Treasurer, so is on hand to help and advise me as I adjust to my new position.

So, what have you all let yourselves in for? Well, let me give you some background information on myself so you know what type of person I am. 

I was born in Fiji and came to the UK when I was 6 months old, my mother Teresa Maravu Kaloudau- Taylor is from Nasaqalau, Lakeba and my first dad Karalo Kaloudau-Taylor from Naloto, Tailevu. My second Dad most of you know already Isikeli Maravau Nacamavuto hails from Qarani, Gau. 

I am married to Thomas Dunne and have 4 children: Laurel, Karalo, Caitlin and Liam. I work full time as a Nurse and have 30 years’ experience caring for patients with kidney failure in various senior nursing roles. 

Recently I completed a MSc in Professional Practice in Leading Change in Clinical Practice. I like to keep busy and often volunteer for jobs and take on responsibilities that will benefit the wider community: at church, I participate as a Eucharistic Minister and Liturgical Minister during mass and Lead sessions in Children’s Liturgy as well as encourage young adults in their journey of faith in the role of Confirmation Catechist.

I have been a committee member of the FCSC for several years and have stepped in as Mistress of Ceremonies on several occasions at social events. So, I am not shy to speak in front of a crowd and as a nurse not afraid to stand up for my patients and in turn I will be your voice too.

It has only been a short time since I was voted in, but I would like to share my initial thoughts with you:

  • During my time, I have seen the FCSC run very successful social events that we all enjoy, and this is something I wish to see continue. Social events enable us all to keep in contact, catch up with old friends and make new ones. They also serve as fund raising activities to support local and international charities that we as a club nominate. Again, this is an established tradition that I would like to see continue.

  • There are areas/processes within the FCSC that I feel we need to focus if we are going to be fruitful for the future. Membership is key: growing our membership. We also need a robust process in place to capture membership data with current and updated information. Binod, our Secretary, has amended the membership forms and completion of this form is vital to capture your information and to keep accurate records. Completing the membership form detailing your job role / skills means you could also help us! You all have the potential to make our club even better whether it is volunteering services, voicing opinions or introducing new ideas. You can make the difference and together we can strive to move our club forward and embrace new projects.

  • Communication is also vitally important, so every member / prospective member can have their say and feel fully informed about club activities, member news and contribute fully for the benefit of the FCSC. Apart from our meetings and the newsletter, I would like to venture into other methods of communication
  • .
  • We need to be inclusive and grow our club, what better way than using social media to highlight and advertise ourselves, share members news and appeal to a wider audience. It is also another way of keeping us all informed about events back in Fiji and relay information more readily. This is one area that I would like to explore during my tenure.

Currently the immediate focus lies with our next event – your committee members and I our working hard and concentrating our efforts on preparing for this social function.

I look forward to meeting you all then and rely on your support.

Marjorie Dunne


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