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The Fiji Cultural & Social Club has supported and contributed funds to many charities in the United Kingdom and in Fiji.

Some of the institutions to benefit from our fund raising efforts, such as Sponsored Walks are the Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Lord Trelaors Trust, the National Kidney Foundation, Help for Heroes, etc. In Fiji the Club remitted funds to the 

   Fiji Cultural & Social Club supports charities in Fiji and the UK.

 The Executive Committee has decided to raise funds this year for the CHILDREN OF FIJI TRUST - a 

charity  registered in the UK and in Fiji.


Here is a summary of some of their efforts in Fiji where they brought a wealth of benefits for 

the local communities, especially in the outlying and remote parts of the country.

Children of Fiji is a charity that is registered both in the UK (No. 1082331) and in Fiji (No. 630). Its declared aim is to advance education, health and welfare, and to relieve poverty of children in Fiji. It has no political or religious affiliation and strives to help all children in need, irrespective of their gender, ability, ethnic origin, or religious belief.


As part of our on-going programme we provide basic items for schools and kindergartens, such as relevant reading and reference material, stationery, games and equipment. We visit schools on the main islands and also on many of the smaller islands of Fiji. We also regularly provide resources for children?s homes and the children?s departments of hospitals. We have provided more specialist equipment, such as musical instruments, Braille machines, Braille reading material and appropriate tactile resources for the Fiji School for the Blind and shower chairs for use by the children in the Frank Hilton Special School and Hostel.


We have provided large quantities of medical equipment (including weighing machines, Doppler machines, digital thermometers, dressings, sphygmomanometer, rubber gloves and baby items) for the Bouma Nursing Station on the island of Taveuni. We also provided backpacks, as the nurse and her team of volunteers have to trek into remote villages to monitor and treat patients. For the transport of goods to Fiji we would like to acknowledge the support of Qantas Airlines, Fiji Airways, Vanguard Shipping and Sopac Shipping .


We also carry out a number of larger projects. For example we have funded the building and equipping of Sunny Smileskindergartens at Bainivalu Primary School in Nakasi, at Naduri on Vanua Levu, at Narikoso on the island of Ono, at Nabukelevu-i-Ra on Kadavu and at Rukuruku on Ovalau. Since then we have built Sweet Smiles kindergartens (partly funded by Tate & Lyle Sugars UK) at Tabia on Vanua Levu and at Buruwa in the west of Viti Levu. We have provided outdoor play equipment at several kindergartens and also covered play areas at Kavanagasau and Korotari Arya Schools. We have provided science equipment at Nakasi High School and Dr Ram Lakhan Memorial School, and produced and equipped quiet activity areas in St Christopher?s Children?s Home and the C W M Hospital in Suva.


We have also had a library constructed at Vatuwaqa School near Suva and a girls? dormitory built at Navitilevu School (a project jointly funded by ?Children of Fiji?and the school). The dormitory at Waibunabuna School, where the children were sleeping on the floor, has been equipped with 50 beds.


At Uluinakorovatu Primary School on Beqa we provided a kitchen/dining room and the necessary equipment to enable parents to cook regular hot lunches for the children attending the school.


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